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How do I join?
The signup process is simple. It takes less than 3 minutes, and you will get the chance to choose a unique Referral Code. Click here to create an account.
What is a Referral Code
A Referral Code is a unique code of your choosing. It can be made up of letters or numbers. We recommend choosing a code that you can easily remember.
How much money can I make?
You will earn $3.00 for every order you refer. You can increase your earning power the more customers you refer.
How do I know how much money I have made?
We provide you with an online interface where you can track your referrals realtime (as they happen).
How do I receive my money?
When your account reaches a minimum balance of $20.00, you can request to withdraw the money from your account. You will receive a check in the amount you chose to withdraw.
How do I refer people to Zhoors?
You can place a link on your website. We will provide you with the appropriate link in the member section. You can tell or email your friends and family about Zhoors, and give them your Referral Code.
Where does a customer I refer enter the Referral Code?
There is a field on our order form where the customer can enter a Referral Code. This field will automatically be populated if a customer has used a link from your website to come over to our site.
Sample Screen Shots

Create a Referral Code
On the Create Account form, you have the chance to create a Referral Code of your choosing.

My Account
After you login, you will get to the My Account page which displays your Referral Code, along with the Referral Rewards Price. The Referral Rewards Price is the current amount you will earn when someone places an order using your Referral Code.

View My Referrals and Earnings
This page displays your current referrals. It shows the time the referral order was placed, the amount earned on the referral, the status of the referral, and whether this money has been withdrawn or not.

Referral Program Agreement